Mindful Journey

The NEW Handpan album from Janet Spahr.

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  2. Labyrinth
  3. Mindful Journey
  4. Quietude
  5. Misty Morning
  6. Amulet
  7. Hidden Canyon
  8. Assured
  9. Procession
  10. Intent
  11. Meadowland Waltz
  12. Mountainside Chapel
  13. Reverie
  14. Twilight
  15. Star Gazing
  16. Desert Path
  17. Oasis
  18. Mirage

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After waiting on Pantheon Steel's list for my Halo handpan for over five years, I am happy to offer these compositions which were inspired very soon after it arrived in December 2014. (Eight years almost to the day after receiving my very first handpan in December, 2006!)

The Equinox tuning of my Halo lends itself to melodies expressing contentment, tranquility and joy, along with songs of yearning and contemplation. I have purposely kept the tempo of the songs on this album slower than any of my other albums, ensuring a very relaxing listening experience.

I readily admit that I am not a percussionist, as so many handpan players are. The fast tempos and varied techniques which some players use are quite impressive, but not what I strive to master. I love to sing and play simply for enjoyment, and am blessed to get many wonderfully complimentary responses from listeners! There is something nearly magical about the music of handpans, and I feel very privileged to share my expressions with this intriguing instrument.

This 69 minute album is ideal to use for meditation, yoga, massage, healing arts and creative activities in addition to providing lovely ambience to everyday settings. Five of the songs on this album are instrumental only, whereas twelve compositions include my wordless vocals. I think you will love the harmonies produced by my layered vocal tracks ~ thanks to technology, I can become a choir!

Come along with me on this Mindful Journey which is sure to add peace to your surroundings.

Namaste, Janet

(The CD is currently available only on this website and at my performances.)

Mindful Journey CD
$15.00 Each

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Created by: Janet Spahr
Published by: Janet Spahr
Janet Spahr ©2015