I love making music and introducing people to the captivating Handpan!

When you find something wonderful don't you love to share it with the world? I first heard a Handpan while attending an improvisational music workshop in 2006, and immediately fell in love with its wonderful sound. Six months later, I was very fortunate to obtain one of these rare and unusual instruments. My enthusiastic desire to share the beautiful music of the Handpan led me to perform at many gatherings, festivals, and venues. I have never met anyone who wasn't intrigued by the Handpan, and its soothing tones are appealing (and even therapeutic) to those of all ages and musical style preferences. We all need to relax and unwind now and then, and the music of the Handpan is perfect for that! There is something very special about the design of the instrument, which has extremely resonant and beautiful tones. I enjoy the role of "pathway performer" at festivals, where those who pass by are often amazed that the beautiful sound they are hearing is coming from such an unfamiliar vessel... and then another person falls in love with the Handpan!

My years of directing a children's choir and teaching music classes to preschoolers and their parents testify to my love of getting others involved with music. I also teach one-on-one, through piano instruction, and I believe that music can add beauty and joy to everyone's life. Having been raised in a family where education and music were an important part of life, it's no wonder that I play a number of instruments including keyboards, guitar, and flute. I have had the great pleasure of composing and performing live for college theatre productions, and enjoy singing in choirs and playing in drum circles - if there's music, I'll be there! The Handpan has allowed my solo efforts to grab the attention of a wide and varied audience. I regularly give presentations to community groups such as civic clubs and church organizations. But more often, I will be at a festival where a group of people of all ages will be gathered around me to learn about the Handpan. Seeing the Handpan for the first time often gives festival goers a sense of wonder and enchantment, which is just what I hope they will take away from their encounter with this fascinating instrument!